Do more for less

Scaling a business means setting the stage to enable and support growth in your company. It means having the ability to grow without being hampered. It requires planning, some funding and the right systems, staff, processes, technology and partners.


Start scaling your

Stop wasting time struggling to onboard new employees, paying employee benefits, or wasting money by paying taxes and insurance on each employee. With VIVA you can Save Time and Money.

The 2 most important steps to grow your business are investing in Technology and finding staff, we in VIVA covers both of our VA’s have a fully equipped work environment, with all the necessary tools and the technology necessary.


Forget the trouble

Forget the trouble to have to find staff and looking at tens of candidates and a long process of onboarding a new staff member, by onboarding a VIVA Virtual Assistant you will be cutting cost on equipment and technology investments, and at the same time cut on time to find a qualified staff member to start handling your business.

The staff and investment in systems that enable them to be much more efficient in handling a function than your company


Investment costs cutting

Qualified staff

Time saving